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Westchester team

Executive Director

Sammy Richter

Sammy is a Junior at Edgemont High School who enjoys practicing her public speaking skills by participating in Varsity debate and Model UN. She also enjoys tutoring students of all ages in math and writing and getting involved in politics. In her free time she loves going on drives with friends, running (while listening to music of course), and reading. Sammy is excited to spread her passion for public speaking to younger students through the Youth PSA!

Director of Logistics

Isha Bahadur

Isha is a junior at Edgemont Jr./Sr. High School. She is a member of her school’s Model UN team and is enrolled in a 2.5 year science research class, which is heavily presentation based. Outside of school, she is an active member of an LGBTQ+ youth and ally radio station where she writes pieces on pressing LGBTQ+ issues and can be heard on air.

Director of Marketing

Anya Voit

Anya Voit is a junior who has taken many advanced writing courses. She has found an interest in public speaking and would love to share this interest with others. Anya enjoys biology and chemistry, and has worked with a lab outside of school. She also has been a part of a tutoring program for the past 4 years, and loves teaching kids. In her freetime Anya likes to bake, hangout with her friends and go skiing.

Director of Social Media

Nishta Nandakumar

Nishta Nandakumar is a junior at Edgemont High School who uses her passion for public speaking by being part of her school’s Model UN team. She is interested in studying law, foreign policy, and neuroscience in the future. Outside of this, she is also part of her school’s Vocal Jazz Chamber Choir, is an avid Bharatanatyam dancer and Carnatic singer, and loves to volunteer within her community. She is very excited to see the future of the Youth PSA unfold!

Head Tutor

Sean Wang

Sean Wang is a Junior at Edgemont Junior/Senior High school with nearly four years of public speaking experiences. Having recently moved on from Public Forum debate, he now participates in Model UN conferences, and has an interest in anything public-speaking related. Outside of this field, he enjoys watching Netflix and spending time with his friends

Head Tutor

Taylan Tastan

Taylan Tastan is a junior at Edgemont Jr/Sr High School who has had lots of experience with public speaking through his schools Model UN team, as well as a multitude of other clubs he participates in. In his free time he likes to hang out with friends, play video games and play sports. Taylan seeks to help people in public speaking, as it is such a vital skill to have through both an academic and professional career.

Head Tutor

Anuj Jain

Anuj Jain is a junior at Edgemont High School. He is the Varsity Co-Captain of the Edgemont Debate Team where he has reached multiple elimination rounds in Lincoln-Douglas Debate over his 5-year tenure on the team. Outside of Debate he is a Co-Captain of the Edgemont Robotics Club, where he manages presentations, business outreach and general communications. Outside of extracurricular activities, Anuj loves to hang out with his friends and listen to music.

Head Tutor

Samir Mansouri

Samir Mansouri is a Junior at Edgemont Jr/Sr High School who has experience with public speaking through Model UN, debate, and acting. Samir is a huge athlete and loves anything that has to do with sports. He also loves spending time with family and friends.

Underclassman Representative

Ava Min

Ava is a sophomore at Edgemont High School with interest in environmental politics and humanitarian crises. She has won awards in the National Scholastic Arts and Writing Contest and was chosen to participate in the Young Authors Conference this year. Outside of academics, Ava likes to write poetry, shop for coffee and go thrifting with her friends as well as lead the school’s Gay-Straight Alliance club as a member of the LGBTQ+ community.

Underclassman Representative

Anisha Rao

Anisha Rao is currently a sophomore at Edgemont Junior Senior High School who is interested in public speaking, politics, social justice, and teaching. She pursues her interest in public speaking through participation in Model United Nations. She also pursues her love for teaching by tutoring, and helping younger students improve their education. During her free time she likes to play soccer and basketball, read, and hangout with friends.

Underclassman Representative

Samantha Bernstein

Samantha Bernstein is a sophomore at Edgemont High School. She is an avid participant of her school’s Model United Nations team and has won awards at conferences for her contributions. Samantha is also Sophomore Class Officer, and has experience working with elementary school students as a teacher’s aide and tutor. During her free time, she loves to watch Netflix, hang out with friends, and create art. She's very excited to be apart of YouthPSA!